Bridhi Furnishing - Bedroom Wardrobes

Bedroom wardrobes are a must-have for every home. From clothes and accessories to home linen, files, jewellery and wardrobes house our essentials. So, get a wardrobe that best suits your space and storage needs.

The space you have and your aesthetic sense are two primary deciding factors when choosing wardrobe doors. Keeping that in mind, all our designs come with the option of swing and sliding doors. And we’ve conquered corners as well with our L-shaped wardrobes. Choose from doors with MDF panels and a laminated finish for a warm, cosy look or mirrored doors with aluminium frames to make rooms appear larger than they really are.

Mirror shutters serve as an extremely useful purpose, in the sense that you can look at yourself to see how you are looking in the outfit you try on. An added benefit is that these shutters will make your room look a lot bigger than it is as they add an element of spaciousness in case you are in need of something that fulfils that purpose.


  •  Be it walk-in, sliding or hinged, we offer a variety of wardrobes that are customised to fit your needs.
  •  Our wardrobes are built with quality materials and come with a 5-year manufacturing warranty*.
  •  Choose a finish that matches every style, be it subtle or eye-catching. Get completely German-made wardrobes in India.

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