The Lockdown Revolution- When “Men” Move Into the Kitchen for Work or Pleasure

The present crisis is forcing people to harness and transform their energy channels while doing something productive at home, to make the most of their time in hand. On that note, there can be no better way to utilise time than to cook up your favourite dishes and indulge in your cravings or surprise your family with your culinary skills.

 The pandemic is inducing change into every phase of our existence and this means that we must embrace flexibility and equality. This includes men taking up roles that they have so far never ventured into, out of sheer necessity or leisure. The kitchen is the heart of the home, but what happens when men step into this space and encourage gender equality.

Why Kitchen is the in-thing for Lockdowners?

While there’s a lot one can do at home to stay engaged, but the most productive and satisfying passion to practice is the art of making great food. Cooking is a creative outlet that not just lets you dig into delicious cuisines but also lets you tap into your inventiveness, feel more confident about yourself, and lets you kick that stress ball out of your life for some time.

 So, irrespective of your gender, cooking has therapeutic benefits for one and all. Both men and women are creative geniuses and this is exactly what being a cook requires, channelizing that energy within you to make something which pleases all our sensory experiences. On the other hand, this activity requires intense involvement, which ensures that you can focus less on the unpleasant aspects of life and use that energy to create something good and nurturing.

Why Men & Kitchen Are A Perfect Pairing?

Nature suggests that men are from kitchens while women are from boardrooms. And while gender roles have been so sternly rooted in our society, we rarely recognize that the calm and patient demure of men is so perfectly suited for all that culinary hard work.

How to Male-Proof That Kitchen?

  • A well-planned kitchen makes cooking smoother 

Cooking is not a formal activity for men and thus, having a well laid out and sufficiently equipped kitchen can make it a pleasurable experience for both men and women to enjoy this space. A well planned and organized kitchen improves the overall functionality of the area.

  • Men are messy so opt for flexible and low maintenance kitchen designs

A low- maintenance kitchen will always provide a stress-free cooking experience. Post cooking clean-ups are much more fun when the kitchen is carefully designed, with major attention to detail. Cooking spaces with solid countertops and stain-resistant flooring ensure that any mess in the kitchen is just a joyful experience.

  • Men don’t like treasure hunts in the kitchen

 Don’t even dream that men will magically locate all the food ingredients placed in the kitchen for that surprise meal they are planning to cook. So, an organized kitchen makes it easier for men to show off their super chef skills minus the tiring ingredient hunt. Kitchen with designated smart storage spaces can cut down the entire search process to half and ensure that men find what they are looking for without compromising their creativity.

Cook From Your Heart & Forget the Bias

Everyone should know how to cook irrespective of their gender. Being able to prepare yourself a meal is a life-saving skill just like swimming, driving, or making money. If we do not define our lives based on gender biases, we would realize how fun it is to make something new and revel in the happiness of that creation.