6 Tips for your Kitchen, Post Covid!

The Covid-19 crisis is going to have a lasting impression on how we work, live and think. And while strict hygiene initiatives are the new normal, let’s take a look at how we can pandemic proof the heart of our home i.e. The Kitchen Space.   

With people cooped up in the house, minus the takeaway meals or dining options, your kitchen space is definitely working overtime to meet the gastronomical needs of one and all.  In such a scenario it is important to reckon that “COVID-19 is a contact virus”, which means it spreads through surfaces and thus, any lack in kitchen hygiene can become a breeding ground for viruses and other pathogens. 

Here’s a list of modifications that can be done to the kitchen space for maintaining optimum levels of hygiene during the Corona Virus outbreak.

1 Sanitizing that Granite Counter-Top

Your kitchen countertop is one of the highly contacted surfaces. And, while that granite slab doesn’t cause any bacterial development, it is the food traces and moisture that seep in the stone pores letting germs breed. Everything that happens in the kitchen stays on the Countertop, right from the meals being prepared to the grocery and veggie bags just brought home.  So, sanitizing your countertop every day is definitely the most important move to make in the first place. 

How to sanitize your countertop

  • Wash the surface with hot water and soap to remove all debris & dirt particles.
  • Wipe the surface clean and dry and then treat it with a disinfectant.
  • Let the disinfectant sit on your countertop surface for a couple of minutes and then wipe clean.

2 Zone your Kitchen Space

Dedicate areas for a particular activity in and around the kitchen. An efficient kitchen layout can very easily solve this purpose. Separate the cleaning zone from the food zone. Right from the cooktop to the refrigerator and sink bowl, demarcate areas to avoid any form of contamination. Use a double bowl sink for cleaning vegetables and other groceries. A well-equipped kitchen with best in class features can deliver a safe and seamless cooking experience.

3 Let the Hardware do its Job

If your kitchen space is fitted with the most efficient hardware features which deliver high performance, then part of the battle for hygiene is already won. High-end fittings not only make the kitchen experience more productive but also help maintain premium standards of cleanliness. 

4 Add a Kitchen Island for Bonus Workspace 

Taking distancing literally, we should work towards adding more innovative spaces even across our kitchen. And thus, adding a kitchen island is a great concept for space support. You can just utilize the kitchen island for meal preparations and also for serving quick meals like a mini table with more accessibility. This little addition of space can add a whole lot of liveliness around your meal times.

5 Let’s Go Easy With The Dishes

Install a dishwasher to your kitchen for an effective contactless utensil cleaning strategy. Dishwashers disinfect dishes with chemicals and high temperature which results in cleaner and safer utensils for everyday usage.

6 De-clutter and Renovate Kitchen Specifications

Home is now the primary space for all activities, right from your professional needs to your living and cooking needs.  So, amalgamating a smart kitchen concept which lets you access you’re cooking needs while multi tasking your work is the new in-trend concept. Smart kitchen spaces are well- ventilated and also fitted with anti microbial surfaces that add an edge to the entire concept.